techniques used


Fusing is the process of joining two or more kinds of glass through melting. It is a general term used to describe several techniques for creating flat objects layers of glass. Tack fusing and full fusing are all fusing techniques. The main difference between tack fusing and full fusing is the operational temperature, which lends different results.


Slumping is the technique of imparting shape to the glass. The glass is to deform quickly and visibly underweight and adhere to surfaces once the softening point is reached. At this point, the viscosity and surface tension of the material decrease while fluidity increases, resulting in changes in the shape from the weight of the glass, or in other words, the effect of gravity.


Lily Georgieva reassured me of the possibility to express myself in another, new way for me. She says: "Satisfaction and joy in a career plan come from expressing yourself and what you can do, confidently and openly, by helping those who need someone like you "and she does it with a lot of ambition and abilities.

Pavel Stefanov is the photographer who made the original photos for my website. He manages to capture the moment, to predispose his object for a photo session, to execute each photo with skill and measure. I also received from him basic knowledge about photography, which used to seem far beyond my capabilities. Thanks to him I will be able to make my own product photos myself.

The furnaces with which I work were made by Valentin Georgiev. He has provided me with calm and security when working with this new equipment for me since my first steps in working with glass.