Welcome to my internet space. This is where I share my work. Here you may find some of my glassware; the ideas I have realized or developed. Art is a way of expressing myself as an artist - a way to feel comfortable.
I found something different, something I might have been looking for, but I did not even have the courage to dream. I found glass. Why it? I do not know. I like it. How did I get there? I started with jewelry making. Seeking something new and different, I came across the fusing technology. At first I thought glasswork was a hobby, but now I know it's a passion. I'm not bothered by the unsuccessful attempts, even they give me pleasure. I feel like I've found myself. My striving to work with different materials has led me to explore the ways in which glass can been processed. I follow the novelties, the specialized literature and experiment with everything: types of glass, combining color combinations, firing modes and creating non-standard shapes.

I'm looking for and researching new features and materials which I'm testing in my studio. I have many ideas for applying what I have created in interior design to bring beauty and harmony. Glassware made by me, tableware, ornaments for arranging dining tables bring chic and coziness into everyday life. When I work I lose count of the hours that have passed. I see things from different angles, and I believe I’m already finding the right decisions. The need to create something interesting that I have not seen elsewhere has led to my own style. The most important thing about a designer object is to grab attention, excite you and bring aesthetic delight. That is why, with my works, I try to bring joy to the people and energize them. I hope that I’m succeeding in this enterprise.







What I offer:

Feeling „the charm of glass“

I would like this to happen with my glassware. Check out the pages I've prepared. Write what you like and of course not, please comment. I accept all the new ideas you would give me. I would be delighted to share and discuss them.

decorations and vessels

You may find them in the “Store” section. If you liked something but it is not in the color you want, please contact me to specify what you want. Keep in mind that it is impossible to recreate a product you like 1: 1. Manufacturing is done by hand, all objects are unique, their appearance depends on many factors. The time for production is negotiated separately.

Wall pannels

You may order ready-made panels, offered in the “Shop” section. It is also possible to make a custom panel according to your taste and with your chosen color combinations. This will give you a unique piece of furniture that will fit into your interior. The panel will include wall retainers and complete installation instructions.