My first publication was provoked by the wonderful blog of Veronique Vecco Her slogan is: „Create a home and life that you love“. Wonderfully said, but even better executed. For me everything on the blog is interesting. I have personally read most articles at least three times. Besides, she gives fascinating and competent advise about everything regarding interior design. Her blog is like a guide to me how to show the possibilities of using my glassware.

I bring to your attention a series of vessels - transparent glass combined with color. Thin strips placed discreetly. The colors are yellow and blue. I have chosen them because they blend well with each other, regardless of their intensity. Perhaps you think that glass is too fragile, precarious or even dangerous a material to choose when serving? Things are not so. I hope my pictures prove it.

The photos are arranged on a party table. The “tea party” has been popular recently, but I do not like drinking tea, so I have arranged a “coffee party” table. The difference is only in the cups and the drink.

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